It’s Friday the 13th.  Only seems appropriate to blog today about something creepy.  How about your child’s creepiest toy?

I think there is nothing creepier with respect to horror movies than having a simple, harmless, child’s toy turn into some demonic character! How many horror flicks have you seen that have possessed dolls??  Or clowns?? I know I have seen a few!

In our house, we had our own little version night of horror… but with respect to a pull-string Woody doll from the movie Toy Story (I know… creepy, right?!). The night I speak of, we had a terrible thunderstorm – of course, because otherwise it wouldn’t be freakin’ creepy!  It was one of those storms that send chills down your spine with each strike of lightning seemingly getting closer to where you are.  There was one particular bolt of lightning that seemed so close I swear the house shook.  With that bolt of lightning, at the exact same moment the ‘crack’ came… this Woody doll started talking! Now, I am not saying that he asked me how things were going… but, in the middle of the night… when it’s dark… and it’s a bad storm… hearing “Howdy Pardner” was enough to scare the crap out of me! A moment or two later, old Woody starting singing “Home on the Range”!

A little freaked out, but once I figured out what had happened, I was laughing at the coincidence of it being Woody from Toy Story and how the toys all come to life – but I decided I was going to put him down in the basement just in case it happened again.  So, not intentionally forgetting about him, the basement became Woody’s new home – and there he remained, quietly, as far as I knew…  until….

One night, Hubby is at work and my son is sleeping.  I went downstairs to do some laundry and just as I turn out the lights, the little mini panic attack sets in as I start to run up the stairs (yes, I am one of those people that imagines there are serial killers just waiting to chase me up the dark stairs), just in time to hear a voice say, “Reach for the sky”! Now, I like to think I have a strong heart but I’m already in panic mode thinking there really IS a serial killer in the basement – waiting to chase me up the stairs – and now I have ‘someone’ telling me to “Reach for the sky”?!?!? (as if a serial killer would do that… c’mon!)  So, I had to check and see if I still had a pulse at this point!!!  There was a brief moment when I didn’t have enough common sense to realize that it was WOODY and NOT a serial killer!! Once I kick started my heart, I again had to laugh, but this was the beginning of Woody’s demise!

Woody sat downstairs for a little while longer and every once in a while I would hear him talking away or singing to himself.  It started to get a little annoying – and a little bit creepy I might add –  so one night I gave Hubby the job of ‘disposing’ of Woody.  I laughed telling him that I didn’t want to know how he was going to do it, but just take care of it!  “Just don’t leave any fingerprints at the crime scene!!!” I told him.  I felt like I was the head of my own little mob!!  So what does he decide to do?  How does Hubby – who hasn’t been listening to this toy come to life for the past while – ‘get rid’ of Woody?  He puts him in the garbage can outside!  So much for all those crime shows that he’s watched over the years!!! How do I know this is what he did?  The next day when I take the garbage out, I opened the lid and hear “Somebody’s poisoned the waterhole”!  OMG – seriously?!?!  Couldn’t he have put him under the wheels of the van and driven over him a couple of times?!?!  Though to be truthful, I’m not sure THAT would have even stopped Woody!  Let’s just say, it was time for Mom to step in… and those were the last words that Woody said.  At least the last words that I heard him say!  

As I think back to Toy Story and the characters I feel a little guilty having ‘gotten rid’ of him.  Thankfully he was not a favourite toy or this whole thing would have gotten much more complicated!  I might have had to call someone… who knew someone… to take care of it all!

By far, this is the creepiest toy my child has had.  Happy Friday the 13th!  Watch out for black cats, ladders, broken mirrors… and dolls!