The weather here the past few days has been amazing.  The long overdue warm temperatures have finally arrived!  We were wearing shorts and t-shirts on the weekend and the kids were back to playing outside.  BBQ’s were clearly back in use as the stores were having a hard time keeping anything on the shelves that had anything to do with BBQ season! We even set up the patio furniture and enjoyed a cold beer on the deck… just enjoying life.  Spring had sprung… FINALLY!  The snow was gone, after what had been recorded as one of the hardest winters we have seen in 30+ years!

And then…..this?!?!

This is what we woke up to this morning, April 15, 2014.  Seriously?!?!  Ok, we did kind of pile it up a little bit to bury Ollie… but Mother Nature, you have GOT to be kidding!  I guess the months of shoveling… and then just when you were done…. you thought it wasn’t enough!?!  Getting stuck in the snow in -40C wind chills.  Clearly, that wasn’t enough either??!   My son, who actually loves the snow, gives credit to this little ‘storm’ to the Pokemon Articuno, who according to him is the reason we get snow.  I knew there was a reason I cringed when I heard him yell this morning, ‘Yay! Articuno is back!!!‘  Well, let me be nice here Articuno… go home!!!  *sigh*

Only in Canada can we get sunburn and then frostbite in the same week!!

Shortest.  Spring.  Ever!!!

Time to shovel… again!