I really haven’t been around much lately, and I must apologize.  Sometimes life gets too busy and complicated to be able to focus on much more than getting through the day.  We’ve been experiencing some changes here and it’s been a little challenging… especially for my son.  Change, though it is something I try to welcome with open arms, is not something that he deals with very well.  He’s learning, but when Mom is sometimes finding it challenging, I can’t expect him to be dealing with it without any problems.

We are coming out the other side of things now and I couldn’t be more thankful.  I’m ready to get back to our regular routines… as is my boy!

Some of you might remember my sharing the fact that we have gone through a rather difficult time in regards to my son dealing with his autism.  He hated himself… and well, as a parent, it was incredibly difficult to handle.  Outside of being there if he needed me, I felt there wasn’t a lot that I could do for him.  We would try to discuss it, but it upset him more than anything.  When I shared here about our struggles, I received an incredible amount of support and I am thankful for every comment, suggestion and yes, even virtual hugs that I got… it all helped!!  We have come through that difficult time fairly well.  He’s still a little sensitive about it at various times, but hey, that’s OK… don’t we all have things like that?  I know I do!  I smiled and actually wiped a tear from my eye the other day when he came to me and said, ‘You know what Mommy.  I’m weird.  But it’s OK because I think everyone is weird in their own way.’  It’s sort of what I have been trying to teach him his entire life (all 9 years of it thus far LOL!).  Alright, maybe the wording is a bit different as I’ve never called him ‘weird’, but the idea is sure there.  I am so completely blessed to have this little man of mine in my life… couldn’t love him more if I tried!

We were looking for something to do the other day and found that Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo and the Canadian Raptor Conservancy were putting on a show in town.  It was just what the doctor ordered… so I had a date with my boy to go see dinosaur fossils, snakes, reptiles and all kinds of birds of prey!  We had a great time and he even thought it was ‘cool’ that I was right in there petting the alligators and snakes with him!

CRUSHER… the Alligator!  Looks real tough doesn’t he?!? This was amazing to be able to touch a living alligator… or in my son’s case, taking it to the next level by giving it a hug!  Yup… hugging an alligator… that’s my boy!

A few miscellaneous pics:  I think the first little guy there is a crocodilian… then a reticulated python (one of my favourites!)… JAWS the Alligator Snapping Turtle (I think) and finally… Owen, the great horned owl!  If my son could have brought him home he would have!

This is FLASH… appropriately named for his fast maneuvering skills!!  Here is my son preparing for and then giving Flash a little Reiki energy!

Out of all of them… this is Rocco, a 6 year old Bald Eagle… if I could have brought him home I would have!  What a regal bird!!  We actually are lucky enough to have Bald Eagles in the wild just down the road from us at the local park.

This was truly an experience that I will remember for a long time.  Not only was there lots to do and see, but the staff that were there, both on the side of Little Ray’s and the Canadian Raptor Conservancy were amazing!  I always pay very close attention at events like this as to how individuals interact with my son and I must say, these guys were the best!   They took extra time to allow him to ask questions and interact in ‘his way’.  Many times in this type of environment, my son does a lot of stimming… and I mean a lot!  I love it because it is how he expresses himself, but it sometimes throws people for a loop.  Not this time!  If anything, it made them pay a little closer attention… and I truly can’t wait to visit again!

Love making such wonderful memories.  Our children grow up so fast… I am trying to enjoy it while I can!

Until next time…