I wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween this week.  It can be an exciting time for many kids… and some adults too – like us!  We are a Halloween family!!  However with schedules this year we will not be participating in Halloween as we always have and I must admit, I’m really going to miss it!  We usually spend an entire day decorating the house and getting dressed up.  We all love seeing the younger kids in their costumes and enjoy in the excitement and fun of getting to scare a few of the older kids as well!

However, with the number of children that have difficulties with sensory issues… that is being over or under responsive to sound, smell, touch, taste, sight and the way that ones body relates to the environment around them… events like Halloween can be a time of sensory overload rather than fun and enjoyment. We are all too familiar with sensory processing issues in our house and these are usually what end up leading to many of the more undesirable behaviours with our son, such as wandering or ‘bolting’.

With that being said, Halloween is still a time that may work for your family by simply modifying a few activities or your environment.  The American Occupational Therapy Association has posted some great tips on How to Enjoy Halloween with Sensory Challenges… I invite you to check them out and see if they would work for your family.

In past years these Trick or Treat cards were being shared.  Perhaps these might be an option that might work for your family situation, helping to reduce anxiety due to other people’s expectations.

And please remember this Halloween… don’t judge and be patient…

Happy Halloween!!