Welcome!  I am Jen… Mom, advocate, and blogger who dabbles in freelance vector design.  When I am not being those things (does one ever stop being a Mom?), I am a beach fanatic, social media junkie, animal lover and, at the very core of it all a JeepGirl!

So, I am now the proud Mom of a teenage son, on the autism spectrum.  Time sure marches on!  I do find myself often wondering when I became old enough to have a teenager?!?  I have shared a great deal of our lives a few years ago under the blog name Mom-ology when my son was, well, much younger… and then life got in the way.

A lot has changed since those days (for example, we are no longer a homeschooling family) and I have now resurrected some of my old posts (as there were a number that touched on our lives with autism, safety, etc) sharing them again here, now under the name: Not Just A Coffee Mom.  As much as I do love my coffee (yes, that is an extreme understatement!)… there is a lot more to my life than being simply, a coffee mom.

The day to day family unit has changed quite a bit – it is now myself and my son… and our golden retriever Ollie… but not forgetting our other golden, Jorga (pronounced Georgia) who always added a little extra craziness to our days… and though her spirit and energy is with us each day. Ollie, who was my son’s autism service dog, is now retired and living the dream, but it is hard to see him getting older.

I am figuring out life as a single parent… learning and discovering… and realizing how much I missed my days of blogging.  So, I’M BACK… and ready to share a coffee with you all!  Am I making it… or are you??