I have to wish a very important family member a Happy Birthday today!  Who is it?  It’s our son’s autism service dog… Ollie.

As part of National Dog Day last year, I had written a tribute to Ollie.  I think under the circumstances, I will share it again:

As a companion, a helper, a best friend and member of our family, Ollie is our son’s autism service dog. Bringing peace back to our lives, he is our extra set of eyes and ears. With the amazing ability to make a young boy’s tears disappear by sharing a little nuzzle, or a comforting lick on the cheek, he replaces those tears with sounds of laughter. A warm snuggle at night with Ollie, allows our little one to feel safe and comforted so that he is able to sleep. A simple cuddle can help reduce anxiety to make those daily routines more bearable. If you were to ask what the best thing about having Ollie is, the reply will be, ‘He is my best friend’. A beautiful face and a gentle soul, Ollie is our 4 year old Golden Retriever. When he isn’t working, he loves to just ‘be a dog’. A daily game of fetch, Frisbee or even a good roll in the mud is a reward for a job well done! We are blessed to have Ollie as a wonderful addition to our family! ♥

So, what do you think?  Do you think that these two are inseparable?  That is indeed the case!!  Pictures are truly worth a thousand words…

Happy Birthday my FUR-ever friend.  You have one of the most important jobs in this world (by my standards) and you do it so well!

There isn’t much more to say… except you are loved by so many!!  Most of all… by US! ♥

Now, I think it’s time for some doggie treats to celebrate!!