Day 2 of the A to Z Challenge presented with me with a lot of topics to chose from, but I finally settled on bizarre products and inventions of ‘yesteryear’. Now, I will admit, I have gone back further than the 60’s to 80’s range for some of these… but they were just too BIZARRE not to share.


The Mardi Gras Shower Hood


The Mardi Gras Shower Hood “slips comfortably on without disturbing hair and make-up” by protecting your “hairdo and face from shower spray”. Check out that glamour trim that they have included on the plastic bag that you are supposed to put over your head! Gee, I thought it was a bad thing to put a plastic bag over your head! This product, could have been yours, for only $1.19!


Max Factor Beauty Micrometer


Now, looking at these images, I am compelled to say things I don’t usually say… in this case – What in the name of Mike??? (as stated by the conductor in The Polar Express)! The Beauty Micrometer, perfected by Max Factor, is to register facial measurements to show which features should be enhanced or reduced. In other words… to show us our flaws and help cover them up! Now, I don’t know about you, but I look at this and there are two things that pop into my head. One is Hannibal Lecter and the other is Tweety Bird:



Whiskey Flavoured Toothpaste


What a novel idea! You can get that “night-before feeling on the morning after”. Who wouldn’t want that? At only $1 per tube, I can’t help but think this is what the world would look like if that product was still around today:


The ACME Mustache Guard


Though it is a little hard to see exactly how this works in this ad from ACME, I think you get the idea. Not being a man, I would have never thought that this was something that there was a market for. However, while I was searching about this mustache guard, I also came across this from This Is Why I’m Broke:

I guess this is, and has been, a bigger issue for men than I would have thought! Who knew?? Apparently not me!


Double-Barrel Cigarette Holder


Now that gives new meaning to chain smoking! I don’t know if this ever came to be… but found another bizarre twist on this:

And why not? OMG… this image is from LIFE and screams why not share all the health problems that come from smoking… with those we love… together! Ugggh.


The Snowstorm Mask


Being a Canadian, I may have found this funnier than some. Walking through a cold Canadian snowstorm can be an unpleasant experience, however, I am not sure this would have been something I would have added to my snow attire! This was invented in Montreal in the late 1930’s, and clearly, it never became popular or we would all be walking around with face cones! Looking at this image, I can’t help but think of Madd Magazine’s Spy vs. Spy:

Anyone else see the resemblance?


The Isolator


I don’t know about you, but this has to be one of the creepiest looking inventions I have ever seen! The Isolator… eliminate outside noise so that workers can concentrate upon the subject at hand. Note the canister on the desk that feeds oxygen to the ’employee’. I think if this was a requirement in the workplace I would be walking out the door!

I think it is now time for a nap! Have you seen the Power Nap Head Pillow? I know will look at this and see The Isolator!

And on a final note, though this has nothing to do with ‘retro’, I did find these a little bizarre:

You can read about Saint Laurent’s Roller Skate Stilettos here. As much as I loved roller skating when I was younger… later evolving to roller blading… I think this is where I would have to draw the line!

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Stay safe… and join me tomorrow to see what the letter C will be.


Sources: Images not linked were found on Google Images